We can't change what changed us, but we can change where the story goes from here.

Reclaim your story and Reignite your future

My approach is grounded in evidence-based techniques, and a deep understanding of the impact of trauma on the mind, body, and spirit. Through personalized coaching sessions, I will help you identify and process your triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and cultivate greater self-compassion. 

Let's work together to unlock a life of empowerment, created with intention, and aligned with what you value most. 

I am Rebecca Lynn, a life coach and also a woman, mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, and I believe we all deserve connection, care, and wholeness. 

Hey, friend!

You will develop your very own personal awareness framework that will guide you as you work to become a more self-aware person. 

At the foundation of any great leader, partner, friend, parent, teacher, etc is a capacity for growth in self-awareness.

This is where growth mindset can flourish and we can become aligned with our values and beliefs in a way that supports the vision we have for our lives. 

You can bring more awareness to your life and tap into the possibilities this awareness has to offer you. 

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Wondering if this is all there is for you is a totally normal feeling! 

Do you struggle to understand your emotions? 

Would you like have a better understanding of your motivations, fears, and strengths? 

Do you feel stuck, but can't figure out which step is the first to take to jump start your journey to healing? 

Reimagine Your Life Coaching Package

Are you ready to stop abandoning yourself and live empowered? This is the full journey and I'm here for it! Are you ready?


Deep Dive

Do you love the Enneagram? Me too! This Deep Dive will set you on your journey.  Let's Go!


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We can chat and together decide what comes next on your journey back to your self! 



What They're Saying...

Are you feeling unsure how to move forward? Do you need guidance and support to find clarity and make progress? 

When you work with me, I'm confident you'll find exactly what you're looking for. 

take the first step towards positive change!

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