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I am more than just a coach- here are a few other things I can do for you

I have a lot of topics that I specialize in, primarily related to vulnerability, building brave spaces within community, and my own story of overcoming incredible life challenges. 

I love sharing my passion for leadership, personal growth, and awareness with others. Do you have an event or workshop opening for a speaker? I'd love to see if I'm a good fit. 

Audience Specific Content

Keynote Speaker

Project Strategy & Planning

Do you have a book inside that you know you're meant to write? Me too! I'm currently in the midst of writing mine, but getting to this point was a journey. Writing a book is a long process from inception to book draft, and I can help you get your project started. 

It all starts with an idea, and I can move you through the strategy of your project to get you on your way to writing and published! 

Book Writing

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Workshop Facilitator

Professional Development 

Have you ever considered a Team Charter for your projects? Or maybe topics like "How to Prevent Burnout," "Time Management for Teams," and "Compassionate Leadership" are interesting to you. If you said yes, then you should give me a call. These are precisely the workshops your team needs in the current employment climate.

Whether you're nonprofit, for profit, or a community organization, I feel passionately that all can benefit from discussions in these areas. 

Team Consultant

Culture & Cohesion Consultant

Is your team struggling to find trust, communication, and synergy? Let's work on it together! Starting with a review of team goals, values, and individuals, I will help you develop a strategy that highlights the strengths of each team member, while clarifying team norms and expectations. You'll be amazed at what a few short meetings will do for the results of your business! 

Maybe you're thinking, wow, my family could sure use this! I do that, too! Businesses aren't the only places that have teams. Sports team? Work Team? Volunteer Project? Let's talk!

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