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Building more Awareness for Dynamic teams

I probably have lots of ideas about how your team can improve their awareness both as individuals and as a team. Want to hear how I can help improve your teams' awareness to achieve better results?

Do you have 30 minutes to find out what this journey could mean for you and the people you lead? 

Curious if we're a good fit?

Discovery Call with me

Enneagram provides an amazing opportunity for discovery of the ways Teams can capitalize on the strengths each member brings to the table. Because Enneagram gets into our worldviews, blindspots, and possibilities for growth, it provides excellent opportunities for growth within the team that will support camaraderie and team-building. We will also co-create strategies to leverage team strengths and identify specific opportunities for team development. If Enneagram is not right for your team, we can create something better together!

Get some quick wins with your team!

Self Awareness for Teams

This coaching package includes personalized coaching sessions designed to help you recognize opportunities for growth. Through valuable insights into your leadership style you'll discover ways  to lead your team with a stronger sense of self-worth and empowerment. You will gain the tools and strategies you need to navigate challenges and create a style of leadership that is aligned with your deepest values and aspirations. 

Growing in Awareness and Creating new paths forward

Reimagine your Leadership
Coaching Journey

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